(Red Plate /Yellow Vega Only/Shoe Clutch/small pipe/Full Loop Bumper/ 16-64 Gear /Ages 5-8/ 225 lbs.)


(Green Plate/Open Vega & Maxxis / Shoe Clutch/Small Pipe/ Ages 8-10/ 265 lbs.)


(Purple Plate/ Shoe Clutch/ Small Pipe/ Ages 10-12/ 290 lbs.)


(Blue Plate / Open Clutch/ Big Pipe/ Ages 12-15 / 320 lbs.)

Sportsman Champ Blue

(Blue Plate/ Shoe Clutch/ Small Pipe/ Ages 8-12 / 315 lbs.)

JR Champ BSP

(Open Clutch/ Big Pipe/ Ages 10-15/ 425 lbs.)

SR Champ

(Open Clutch / Big Pipe / Ages 15 + / 425 lbs.)

Winged Champ

Box Stock Medium

(Open Clutch/ Ages 15+ / 350 lbs.)

BOX Stock Heavy

(Open Clutch / Big Pipe/ Ages 15+/ 375 lbs.)

Box Stock Heavy Masters

(Ages 40+ Over/ 375 lbs.)

BOX Stock Super Heavy

(Open Clutch / Big Pipe / 425lbs / Driver 200 lbs.)


(See Vega Unlimited RWYB rules/ Any Vega & Maxxis Tire)


(Shoe Clutch/ Vega Blue & Maxxis Tire/ 212 cc Harbor Freight Engine ONLY/ 87 octane no additives/ Ages 15+ / 375 lbs.)

(Must be completely stock)

(Gas tank stays in stock location/ must have a chain guard/ Claimer Class)

LO 206

 (Shoe Clutch /Tire Vega Blue/ 87 Octane no additives/ Ages 15+/ 375 lbs.)


Sportsman Open

(Open Clutch/Any Vega & Maxxis Tire/ 87 octane no additives/ Ages 15+/ 375 lbs.)

(Fuel, Gas, or Alcohol must pass digitron and water test.)

(Engine: 6.5 max hp 4 cycle single cylinder stock appearing on the outside, no tech on internal components.)

(Must have Billet flywheel/ no tillotson carbs)

(All exhaust silencers must be Aft of fuel tank and forward of bumper)

(Flat head must use B91, B91L, or B91XL)

(Flat head weight 360 lbs. minimum)


*Classes can be added with 3 or more karts*



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