Lawn Mower Classifications:
(Basic differerences only)

Race mowers will only be allowed to enter and race in the class that they were built for, ie, AP in AP, SP in SP, CP in CP, BP in B, FXS in FXS, & FXT in FXT. The JP and IMOW classes are the only two that the same mower can run in both classes’ race. GPK and GP can run in both classes also, this is to allow parents or another driver to run in either class.

Stock: (Special events only)
This is a standard front engine riding lawnmower, no modifications, maximum 3650 rpm with the blades removed. Seat kill switch must be active or a tethered kill switch.

Junior Prepared Class: (for Ages 10-15) Class designation: JP
Overall ratio of 8:1 with a maximum 16” diameter rear tires, maximum 3650 rpm. Minor modifications are allowed.

IMOW: Class designation: I
This is a highly regulated class that is specific to the modifications that are done. The intent is to have as nearly identical mowers as possible to that this class is based on driving ablility.

PREPAIRED: Class designation: G/P/K, A/P, G/P, S/P, C/P,and B/P
These mowers are as delivered from the factory except for the modifications listed in the USLMRA rule book.

FXS & FXT: The only modifications that are listed in the USLMRA rule book.



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